Annabel by Kathleen Winter


In 1968, into the devastating, spare atmosphere of the remote coastal town of
Labrador, Canada, a child is born: a baby who appears to be neither fully boy
nor fully girl, but both at once. Only three people are privy to the secret: the
baby’s parents, Jacinta and Treadway, and a trusted neighbor and midwife,
Thomasina. Though Treadway makes the difficult decision to raise the child as a
boy named Wayne, the women continue to quietly nurture the boy’s female side.
And as Wayne grows into adulthood within the hyper-masculine hunting society of
his father, his shadow-self, a girl he thinks of as “Annabel,” is never entirely

From page one of this book to the very last I
absolutely loved every single word. The book is set in Labrador. Wayne’s father
Treadway is a trapper who spends months each year away from his family.
tried to come up with an excerpt from the book that I could share to illustrate
how powerful the writing is but it is impossible to chose just one. The entire
book is like a poem. It is so vivid and beautiful it was a pleasure to read and
be carried away by the author. It is the best book I have read all year. I
absolutely LOVE it.

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Into The Abyss by Carol Shaben

This is the Fourth book I have read for the Canadian Book Challenge. Into the
Abyss by Carol Shaben.

Into the Abyss: How a Deadly Plane Crash Changed the Lives of a Pilot, a Politician, a Criminal and a Cop

On an icy night in October 1984, a Piper
Navajo commuter plane carrying 9 passengers crashed in the remote wilderness of
northern Alberta, killing 6 people. Four survived: the rookie pilot, a prominent
politician, a cop, and the criminal he was escorting to face charges. Despite
the poor weather, Erik Vogel, the 24-year-old pilot, was under intense pressure
to fly–a situation not uncommon to pilots working for small airlines.
Overworked and exhausted, he feared losing his job if he refused to fly. Larry
Shaben, the author’s father and Canada’s first Muslim Cabinet Minister, was
commuting home after a busy week at the Alberta Legislature. After Paul
Archambault, a drifter wanted on an outstanding warrant, boarded the plane,
rookie Constable Scott Deschamps decided, against RCMP regulations, to remove
his handcuffs–a decision that profoundly impacted the men’s

I must say I had to
chuckle when I started to read this story (not because the topic us humorous)
because it is the story of a plane crash in “Northern Canada” – and it all takes
place SOUTH of where I live!

This story
actually touches something close to me – one of the people killed in this crash
is a native of the community in which I currently live. Grant Notley was an NDP
politician who was revered in this community and I actually work in a place
named for him!

Since moving to Fairview about
ten years ago I have become vaguely familiar with the story of this plane crash
and so to read it was very interesting. I knew of all the places being spoken

Interestingly enough, although there was
plane service to our Northern town in the 1980’s there is no such service any
longer. The city airport in Edmonton is closed.  Fairview still has an airport –
I have been there the summer for drag races with my family – but no commercial
flights come here any longer, and I expect it has something to do with this

I really enjoyed this book. One of the
things I found fascinating was the impact this crash had on the survivors –
particularly Erik Vogel and Paul Archambault. Erik’s life was essentially ruined
by this crash, and although Paul was hailed as a hero for his actions following
the crash and had his criminal charges overturned his life never really changed
and ended in a tragic death not many years later.

I wish the author had delved more deeply into
the psychological effects on the survivors of the crash. I found it to be a
fascinating story on how people react following tradgedy. Although she gave a
thorough description of what happened to each of the survivors it is left to the
reader to “put it all together” in the end.

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trying out wordpress

Well. I have to say that after trying to blog with blogger I am not enjoying it much at all.

I am by no stretch of the imagination one who understands the intricacies of the computer, but I think I am going to come to wordpress (now that my hotmail blog has become a wordpress blog) and try blogging with this format for a bit.

We shall see how it goes.

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where do you go when there’s nowhere to go?

Have you ever felt as though there isnt anywhere to go but you just want to leave?
It’s like where-ever you go you will be there?
I am feeling like that right now. Stifled.
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I am pretty much blogging elsewhere for now, I like blogger, but since this was my ver first blog, I feel in a way like it is "home".
Granted, there’s lots I dont like about blogging here but I think I am going to make this space a private one so I can blog for myself, and my spouse.
I have found with blogging where people "know me" that I edit what I write about. I will use this space to be edit free!
I’m coming home.
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blogging over here for the moment

I am blogging  over here for a moment. Make sure you check it out because I am not copying all I write to this blg right now.
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